Vurb Mobile Search Application

Vurb had the ambitious vision of competing with Google in the mobile search space. They had already launched their product on iOS, could they conquer Android too?

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The Challenge.

After the successful launch of its mobile search and messaging app on iOS, Vurb needed to fast-track breaking into the larger Android market. They needed a full team of top brass encoders working around the clock, but had only one in-house Android Developer at the time. They needed a cost-effective way to quickly launch a high-quality product.

Our Solution.

SVI’s team of Android Developers built Vurb’s Android version, whose user base outpaced iOS within a week after launch. The team was not only able to successfully execute Vurb’s complex features, but also recommended to the Vurb team how to best adapt the original iOS designs specifically to Android.

The Results.

The resulting app provides users with a one-stop mobile search experience, seamlessly integrating information and services from users’ favorite apps into a single app through which they can search, save, and share results.

Search, done smarter.

Searching for places, music, movies, videos, events? Rather than separately checking out apps like Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Spotify, and Ticketmaster, Vurb allows you to do all your searching – and take action – in a one place. The app presents search results not as blue links, but as content-rich, actionable cards that organize information and services from top sources.

Every place I go comes up with dozens of suggestions for all kind of places presented in nice to look at cards that can be easily shared with friends.

Francois Vanasse, Android user

Search, done social.

With Vurb, you can turn search into action and collaboration. Save and combine individual search results into unique, customizable collections or “decks” that you can share with others through the app’s native messaging system. Follow other people’s profiles and get updates on decks they’ve created.

I love the concept of decks! And the messaging feature makes it super easy to share the places I'm at instantly with my friends.

Annlin Sheih, Android user