SVI hosts Manila Javascript Meetup

5 Sep 2015

We love ourselves a good meetup!

Last September 4, SVI hosted the regular meetup of Manila.js, Manila’s community of Javascript developers.

Around 40 Javascript developers attended the monthly meetup to share their knowledge, learn, network, and just kick back. These meetups are held monthly by the Manila.js community, with different speakers and topics each time.

At this particular meetup, web developer Michael Julio talked about manipulating browser pushState history in conjunction with Bootstrap and Backbone.js. Another experienced developer, Andre Marcelo-Tanner of, shared some of his best practices in partnering with clients. Our San Francisco office head and managing partner John Yang-Sammataro, who’s working with us here in Manila for the next month, welcomed the group.

Thank you for dropping by, Manila.js! We’re happy to have you over any time.